A Second Chance To Live

Second Chance To Live LGBT+ seniors get a second chance to live through virtual reality. The Gallup survey reports that 3.8%

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LGBT+ seniors get a second chance to live through virtual reality.

The Gallup survey reports that 3.8% of the population older than 52 is LGBT+. The number of LGBT+ seniors experiencing social isolation has been reported to be greater than 52%. LGBT+ seniors struggle with homophobia, transphobia, and ageism on a daily basis. Lifelong discrimination against this group leads to poor mental health, lack of a support community, and severe isolation.

The challenges of aging are greater for LGBT+ seniors.

Up to 1973, the American Psychiatric Association categorized homosexuality as a mental health problem. In the past, many LGBT+ adults have been overlooked by services, researchers, and social communities. Due to a lack of access to these services, LGBT+ seniors are more likely to suffer from disabilities and experience physical and mental distress. Many government officials are developing strategies to address the unique needs of these elders that are expected to double in number by 2030. As a result of social discrimination, LGBT+ adults are less likely to be partnered, married, or have a child to care for them at an older age. Unlike other heterosexuals of the same age group, many LGBT+ seniors depend heavily on close friends and family of a similar age to provide them with assistance as they age. The importance of social ties cannot be understated, especially since older adults may not be provided with long-term care services, which is even more important if this long-term care involves decision-making.

How does VR Mighty Virtual Reality world assist LGBT+ seniors?

With the use of virtual reality, LGBT+ seniors can increase the range of their human connections, bond with their peers, and engage in social activities that will lead to a significant reduction in the amount of social isolation that they might face. Virtual reality allows people to escape into a place of peace, love, and shared values, something lacking from the real world around them. VR Mighty is built based on real-life experiences and activities, which allows LGBT+ seniors to have a second chance for living their life and doing all their favorite activities, such as meeting new people and forming a virtual community.

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