Our Team

Arastu Tizro

R&D Manager

Nazanin Motoajeb

Business Development Manager
Arastu is a general practice doctor with specialty in radiology.Arastu will scientifically lead the team with his in-depth knowledge of Dementia, its symptoms and prohibitive metods that can be directly transferred to our product’s conceptual design to make a dementia-friendly world.
Nazanin has a diploma in computer sciences and has years of experience in international business.This background makes her stand at the intersection of sales and product development and enables herto optimize our business strategies and take care of sales and marketing.

Kian Khoshbakht

Financial & Legal Manager

Mohammad Kaviani

Product Manager

Kian has studied industrial engineering and has years of experience of working as an investment manager. He has also the experience of doing voluntary jobs in care facilities and this has equipped him with great communicating skills with seniors, their families, and caregivers as well as business negotiation skills.

Mohammad is a sharp, skilled developer with years of experience working with different programming languages. He has experience working closely with delivery teams in different VR application projects; therefore, he can efficiently transform the visions for the product into actionable tasks and get the island ready to be explored.