What is VR Mighty?

What is VR Mighty?

VR Mighty is an online virtual social community specially developed for seniors living in solitude that are in danger of dementia, and people in the early stage of the disease. VR Mighty provides its users with a chance to communicate with their peers in a scientifically designed environment, to express their stories, find common grounds, and form a relationship that would have been nearly impossible in the real world. VR Mighty allows seniors to develop a group identity and replace their sense of loneliness and idleness with a sense of friendship, belonging, confidence, and usefulness.

Photo by Vlad Sargu on Unsplash

What makes VR Mighty an important software for the aging population?

Before COVID, loneliness and isolation were well-recognized as health risks among older adults. Especially now, with social distancing, it is crucial to find a way to counteract those feelings. Social engagement doesn’t have to be in person. As technology advances, we can create virtual reality worlds where people can live their lives and socialize without having to leave their homes or risking their health.


Photo by Matthias Zomer from Pexels

Seniors in VR Mighty world can:

  • Have social interactions with like-minded people and support and interact with each other
  • Play their favorite games together
  • Attend virtual yoga classes
  • Join group therapy sessions
  • Take on sports that they physically can’t do, but have become possible in a VR world
  • Sit with people from all around the world in a book club and start a discussion
  • Wander around to feel relaxed and enjoy themselves in the various eye-catching landscapes of the game.


Being in a group of peers, having a sense of belonging to a group, engaging and contributing within a peer group, and having a chance to express oneself will improve the quality of life of seniors and people with dementia. That’s why VR Mighty is an important tool for seniors.