VR Benefits For Seniors

5 Benefits of Nature for Seniors Everyone needs to get away every once in a while to let off some of the steam of everyday

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Everyone needs to get away every once in a while to let off some of the steam of everyday life. Going for walks in nature is commonly associated with relaxation and is seen as an energy boost. However, senior citizens who are experiencing difficulty with doing everyday tasks or suffering from diseases such as Alzheimer’s might find it problematic or even impossible to go out in nature for a walk. It is by using high-tech solutions such as VR Mighty that they can once again safely and virtually leave their homes and everyday lives to relax beside a river or in a forest.

  1. Mental and Physical stimulation

According to most of the research done in this area, especially one conducted at the University of Michigan, interaction with nature (even in form of pictures) reduces stress and stimulates the brain. Such stimulation would result in the production of dopamine in the brain, lifting the mood, and relieving anxiety. Furthermore, according to the findings of recent research on this topic such involvement with nature would boost the immune system as a result of the reduction in stress and anxiety and would reduce the pain felt with patients who are suffering from chronic illnesses. With VR Mighty’s technology, senior citizens would be able to take walks in realistic natural surroundings without having to risk injury.

        2.Relaxation and Meditation

As has been mentioned before, most of us have felt the calming effects of walking in nature. Many psychologists also suggest this as a therapeutic method in cases where one is experiencing anxiety or depression. Due to the harmonic properties of nature and the sense of oneness it brings with itself, it has been observed that interaction with a natural atmosphere would induce brain function similar to that of meditation in most people. This, in turn, would lessen the sense of isolation, reduce blood pressure caused by stress, and help reach higher levels of calmness and concentration.

         3.Forging Relationships

Much of the activities done in VR Mighty are things that can be done as a group and therefore are a means of meeting new people and interacting with friends from different locations that you would otherwise be unable to meet. Going into nature is not any different. As young adults and children, we all have memories of bonding during camping and walking in the mountains or forests with our friends and family members. With VR technology and seniors now have the chance to forge new memories with new friends and experience the blissfulness of nature once more.

           4.Proven Positive Impact on Short-Term Memory

As a result of the existence of various stimulants within nature, as well as its calming effect on the brain, walking in natural surroundings would not only increase one’s ability to concentrate but would also be beneficial in terms of enhancing memory capabilities. Focusing on the many details provided in the natural scenery of VR Mighty would stimulate the brain much in the same way. Details such as the many trees, flowers, and animals like deers and birds would not only help older memories resurface but would also act as attention-grabbing elements that would heighten one’s attention span.

            5.Increase in Life Expectancy

Naturally, due to an increase in physical activity as well as an opportunity to socialize and let off steam such experiences would lead to a better life quality that is a direct result of reduced stress. The reason why we put such emphasis on stress reduction is that stress directly influences the development of other ailments such as high blood pressure and Alzheimer’s. For that very simple reason, VR Mighty is a simple solution to many problems that senior citizens would have to deal with, focusing on providing a better life quality for your beloved

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