Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Reality immerses you in a completely simulated world. Augmented Reality is an overlay of digital images, sound, and/or video that add to your experience of the real world.

VRMighty’s Virtual World provides you with the chance to communicate with your peers in a virtual environment – which has a beautiful nature and cozy gathering points-, design an avatar for yourself, participate in virtual group sessions, express your daily concerns and stories, find out what you have in common with people in the same group as you and support your friends in different categories which include things like supporting their progress in controlling Alzheimer’s to mental and emotional support and celebrating of the LGBT+ members.

To give the user a stronger sense of being present within our virtual world, VRMighty is only accessible through VR Headsets. You can use an Oculus Quest VR headset.

No, you can freely wander in the world and discover it. You can also take part in Group Sessions, Yoga Sessions, and other virtual events and gatherings which are being held in this world.

Of course not, but VRMighty is a social VR world, specifically designed for seniors. If you are not in the above group and are interested in experiencing this game, you are welcome to test and enjoy it.

Everyone on this planet has a life that needs to be lived and people with dementia are no exception. Research reveals that seniors and people with dementia are mostly not just looking for entertainment but rather to be filled with the feeling of hope and a sense of purpose. VRMighty will provide its users with the opportunity to be heard and to support their peers. This will enrich users’ life with a sense of belonging to a group, usefulness, meaningfulness, and having a goal in life.

You can support your peers in VRMighty in several ways such as taking part in virtual group sessions, sharing your story with others, listening to others’ stories, making friends, discussing your challenges and concerns, etc.

Group sessions are weekly meetups where people can discuss their issues together in the presence of a moderator. These programs are also focused on helping the participants help one another. Studies on these types of group sessions suggest that mutual support groups have the potential to diminish loneliness, helplessness, and depression among seniors.

You can get more information by reading our brochure or contacting us at info@vrmighty.com.

You can reserve a place in our virtual world for your desired event. For more information please contact us.

You can help us by moderating group sessions. You can also plan your desired event in the VRMighty world.

If you provide special services for seniors, such as Yoga classes, please contact us to discuss possible ways of cooperation.

You can enjoy a limitless presence in the VRMighty world and participate in our virtual events just by paying a monthly subscription fee of $19.

To learn more about our discounts for care facilities, please contact us.

Yes, you can choose between male and female avatars and you are also free to choose their skin color.

You can reserve a place for your yoga class through the VRMighty website. We will provide you with an invitation link that you can use to invite your trainees to the virtual class.

For more information, please contact us.

We have done thorough research on the triggers for dizziness and motion sickness and tried to avoid them in our world design.

You can use the Oculus headset to gain access to the VRMighty world. Oculus headsets are lightweight and remain cool during sessions. You can adjust the straps to fit you comfortably.

Most importantly, we recommend taking off the headset and letting your eyes rest after every 30 minutes of wearing the headset.

Yes, we offer special discounts for accounts with more than one user.